Pregnancy Pals and Birth Buddy evaluation report released November 2012

Our new evaluation report, Someone in My Corner, presents evidence findings from a Parents 1st volunteer peer support initiative for parenthood, birth and beyond carried out in South West Essex from 2010 to 2012.

The 4 key outcomes of the report:

  1. Families working with Parents 1st are confidently prepared for birth and parenthood
  2. Parents with young children have built confidence and parenting skills
  3. Parent volunteers: accredited training leads to employment pathways and community involvement
  4. Parents, volunteers and their children have improved health and wellbeing

View the Someone in My Corner insights report (7 pages), released November 2012.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • What is a Parents 1st Peer Supporter?
  • Who Received Peer Support?
  • What Did Parents Receiving Support Tell Us?
  • Theory (Model) of Change
  • What is Driving the Change?
  • Impact on Volunteers
  • Getting the Message Out There:  Scaling Up, Continuum of Support to Vulnerable Families and Communities
  • Measuring the Economic and Social Impact : Criminal Justice System, Mental Health, Welfare Benefits

View the Someone in My Corner full report (70 pages) released in November 2012.  Content includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. The development of Parents 1st
    2.1  Becoming a Social Enterprise
    2.2  Collaborations and partnerships
    2.3  National network
  3. Overview of the literature on volunteer parenting programmes and early intervention
  4. Evaluation approach and methodology
  5. Evidence from the local Pregnancy Pal and Birth Buddy peer support programme in South West Essex
    5.1  The local programme
    5.2  The Impact of the programme on parents, families and volunteers
    5.3  Professionals experience of working with Parents 1st and peer supporters
    5.4  What is driving the changes for parents, volunteers and professionals?
    5.5  Summary of key messages and learning from the Pregnancy Pal and Birth Buddy service
  6. Measuring Social and Economic Impact
    6.1  Examples of a benefit-to-cost ratio
  7. Going forward: increasing the social impact
    7.1  Scaling up
    7.2  Continuum of support to vulnerable families and communities
    7.3  Collaborations and partnerships
    7.4  Building sustaining communities

Both reports were prepared by Gillian Granville and Wendy Sugarman.

For more information, please contact Celia Suppiah, Managing Director of Parents 1st or visit our Services we offer directory.

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